What are all these measurements and what do they mean?

What are all these measurements and what do they mean?

Let’s start this off by pointing out- you do NOT need to know your exact measurements all of the time and ALL measurements are beautiful and wonderful just like you. 

However, the size that vintage is labeled as does not always align with modern size charts. Knowing some of your key measurements can be helpful when determining if a vintage piece will properly fit.

So let’s talk about it.  
We hand measure all of our pieces and list them in the item description. Measurements of garments are taken with the piece laid flat, and are doubled where necessary to account for the actual circumference measurement, ie; waist, hip, bust. 

So how do the measurements from a garment line up with the body’s measurements? 
You’ll need a soft measuring tape (or some string & a ruler), something to write with, and to write on.

We recommend taking these measurements using the following methods:

Bust- hold the measuring tape around your back, below your underarms, while holding either side in one hand. Wrap the tape measure over the widest point of your chest. The point where the end of the tape meets the rest, is your bust measurement!

Waist- Where do you prefer your pants to sit on your waist? That’s where you will want to wrap your measuring tape. Again, where the end of the tape meets the rest, is your waist measurement! 

Hips- Measure your hips at their widest point around your bum (trust us). Wrap the tape from back to front with your feet together and legs straight. 

Inseam- Want to know if those pants are going to be long enough on you? The inseam is the key. Start with the tape at the very top of your inner thigh and measure the distance from that point, to your ankle bone. 

A female model wearing black leggings and a black tee shirt. Labels are visible on the image illustrating the bust, waist, hip, and inseam.

Again, you and your measurements are PERFECT. Other questions regarding measurements and sizing are most easily answered using the orange ‘Chat with us’ button. 


-V @ Heck Yes 

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