Current Trends, But Make Them Vintage

Current Trends, But Make Them Vintage

Each season we see trends and styles emerge. Want to know where most of them came from? Probably at least 20 years ago!
So what are we loving this season? 

  • Trousers
  • Platforms & Lug Soles
  • Western Style Boots
  • Oversized Sweaters
  • Straight, undistressed denim

80s for the trousers, and 90s for the laid back and comfortable styles.

70s styles are being seen in the wide leg trends, from corduroy to wool.

And for oversized sweaters, well, that's always been 'IN'.

Make your seasonal wardrobe feel new with what's old. It's the best feeling to be stopped and told "I LOVE your outfit," because then you can say "Thanks, its Vintage!"



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